7 Things You Never Thought Were Recyclable
Susan Zucker , Editor | Jun 3, 2014
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This article from Bayes Cleaners, an eco-friendly company dedicated to protecting the planet, has great suggestions for recycling everything from old sneakers to keys! Check out their blog for more “green” tips and advice, and visit their website to see their complete line of premium cleaning products that are not-toxic, non-abrasive and never tested on animals.

An easy way that everyone can help out and do their part to save the world is by recycling old items that they no longer need. It may surprise many that there are several items that are easily recyclable that most people own but may not know that are recyclable. The following list of items are easily recyclable and can help the world and even help out another individual.

Old and used clothing: Especially in these tough times, more and more families are shopping at thrift and second hand stores. Clothing items such as various pairs of jeans, shirts, and jackets can be donated to these stores and can help make another families day. Instead of throwing away your old clothing, donating them to these thrift stores is a great way of recycling your old items that you will not longer need.

Old and used keys: If you are like me, you have a box of old keys that belong to automobiles, safes, and other doors that you no longer have access to. However, old and used keys can be recycled as they are made from a very useful metal that can be melted down and reused for other items.

Sports Balls and other sporting equipment: There are children in almost every town across the country that would love to have an old soccer, basketball, or baseball equipment that you were planning on throwing out. You can often times donate them to local sports leagues and local community centers which can be a big deal to the youth who cannot normally afford the equipment.

Old and Used Car Parts: If you have to replace your tires with new ones or have to purchase a new car battery do not throw out your old ones! Your old car battery can be recycled for the plastic and sulfuric acid while your old tires can also be reused. Finally, if you change your own oil make sure and recycle your old motor oil as this can help save the earth by not having to dump the oil and instead reuse it.

Used Ink Cartridges: Old ink cartridges that you no longer need can be turned into brand new cartridges. Many companies will even offer a discount on new ink cartridges if you provide an old one to them.

Phone Books: If you are like me, you may have several old and frankly obsolete phone books lying around in cabinets around your home. These phone books can be taken to your local recycling center and can be recycled and reused.

Old Running Shoes: There are many various recycling websites that would love for you to donate your old running shoes to them so that they can hand them out to those who are less fortunate.

If everyone made a conscious effort to do more recycling in their everyday life the world would be in a much stronger place. The good news is that anyone can get started by recycling any of the above everyday items.

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