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Guilaine Jean-Pierre
Editor, Green Myth Busters

About this community:

Green Myth Busters takes a closer look at common perceptions and misconceptions about living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Is there a right way to go green? How much do we really know about earth friendly products? There’s so much information out there, but is it fact, fiction or somewhere in between? Green Myth Busters explores the various aspects of green living, asking questions and getting answers, to help you make smarter, more informed eco-friendly choices in the world.

About the editor:

Guilaine Jean-Pierre is a veteran of the financial services arena where she has worked in the Private Wealth arena for the past 15 years. She graduated from Williams College and received her MBA from Duke University Fuqua School of Business. Ms. Jean-Pierre knowledge of the sustainable/ green field has come from implementing changes in her life as she has tried to become a greener citizen. Her desire it to help us all become a better steward of our environment and communities.