Dr. Wiggy Talks About The Wheat Myth
3 Ways GMO “Dwarf Wheat” - aka Whole Wheat – Is Making You Fat
Susan Zucker , Editor | May 29, 2014
Topic category: Green living
WX11 News, Winston-Salem, NC

Dr. Weston "Wiggy" Saunders discusses the myth that whole wheat is a healthier choice. The genetically modified whole wheat grown today is not the same product our ancestors used to eat. Called “dwarf wheat”, today’s wheat is a super-addictive product that’s loaded up with starch and glutens. Take a look at this eye-opening video that offers insight into how “healthy” whole wheat bread is sabotaging our weight loss diets.

Dr. Wiggy is an Integrative Medicine Physician at Robinhood Integrative Health in Winston-Salem, NC. He focuses on fixing the underlying root causes of disease versus simply treating symptoms and has been a regular contributor to WXII 12 News Morning Show and Natural Triad magazine.

WX11 News, Winston-Salem, NC |Feb 28, 2012
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