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Susan Zucker , Editor | May 7, 2014
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“Use less paper and save the world’s forests.” “Cloth towels are better than paper towels for cleaning.” “Paper is bad for the environment.” Guess what… not true! These are some common perceptions about paper that are simply wrong. Here’s an article that presents the truth about paper, backed up with facts. Click on each of the 12 myth-busting links to read the real story.

Paper has been innovating for nearly two thousand years to meet mankind's ever-changing needs and today it is an integral part of our daily life: as a print medium to communicate information and knowledge, as a packaging material, for daily hygiene, or as a special material for a variety of applications, from banknotes to medical filters. Throughout the day, each and every one of us is in permanent contact with this natural, renewable and recyclable material.

As with all production activities, papermaking uses resources. Unlike other materials, however, paper is made from wood, a renewable resource, and is a prime example of successful recycling.
Volumes and volumes have been written about paper, which is quite to be expected given its omnipresence in our lives. However, despite the length of time it has been with us, we are, to a large extent, still relatively ignorant about paper.

Environmental issues related to paper are a source of numerous misconceptions and untruths, which we would like to address.

Click on each link to read 12 busted myths:

Use less paper, save the world's forests

Paper industry wants to increase paper consumption.

Paper is bad for the environment

We should only use and produce recycled paper

Paper production uses too much energy

Paper production uses too much water

Paper production is bad for the climate

Information technologies are better than paper

The paper industry is old fashioned and will soon be a thing of the past

Cloth towels are better than paper towels for cleaning

Hand dryers are more hygienic than paper towels

We use too much paper packaging

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